Who Am I?

My name is Victoria, and I’m a high school student. Everything in both the arts and education has always interested me, so I plan to become a teacher as well as do things related to writing on the side. Here are some links to other websites of mine that tell a little more about me:

Some unrelated things to know about me, that might explain the work in my portfolios though, are my love of: YouTube (particularly the YouTuber JackSepticEye), Evanescence (a rock band), Jane Eyre (an 1800s novel) and many nerdy things.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I did both Colorguard and Winterguard my Junior Year of highschool. Over the course of that year, I performed on both main flag line and main rifle line. These have been the only type of sport I have ever participated in at school. They combine dance with flags, (wooden) rifles, and (plastic) sabers.
  • I love painting, but hate drawing. I takeimg_20150327_202818
    painting lessons from my grandmother, who has been an artist nearly all her life, taking
    lessons from famous painters such as Bob Ross. I have only taken a few of her classes, but here is one of the paintings I have done through her 5-7 hour classes.


  • I also really enjoy photography. It is another passion my artistic grandmother has instilled in me, so I always try to take photos wherever I go. I usually for the more cliche pictures, but I am proud of them nonetheless. The photos on the left are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. They are all cropped and put together, but you can still get a general idea of my photography from it.
  • For as long as I can remember, I have been a
    snapchat-5187408090149518401 strong advocate for coffee. But not with sugar and milk and creamer; just straight up black coffee. Its an acquired taste in my opinion, but my dad made sure that I would love it as much as he does. As I’ve gotten older, however, my taste buds have leaned more towards things such as  Chai Tea Lattes, which is now my favorite drink of all time. I believe that part of this passion comes from the serenity found in coffee shops. In a coffee shop, you can find quiet or discussion; you can have wonderful food or drinks; you can get inspiration for characters or stories; and lastly, you can just be yourself.
  • snapchat-2231331478192208508-3I have dyed my blonde hair reverse ombre black more than once, and absolutely love it! The reason for dying my hair was a compromise with basically everyone I knew; I really wanted to dye all my hair black, but everyone I told, responded with a firm “no”. So I wound up meeting them halfway and settled on the hair you see to the right. However, I kept it blonde for my Junior prom, which is the photo at the very top of the page, as well as on the website home screen. Speaking of prom…
  • I have currently only been to one prom, but it was the time of my life. I picked a dress that really symbolized my inner self. My soul seems to always want to float to the 1800’s, so I found a dress that seemed to pull that side of me out a little bit more than a simple party dress. My dad actually picked out the dress, and it was the first dress I tried on. I didn’t even get it on all the way before I realized it was the one. That really taught me that there really is some truth behind the phrases “just knowing” and “love at first sight”.

image                            image-1