The Ugly Owlglie

Michael Jackson’s Pet: Owlglie.

“The Ugly Owlglie”

Michael Jackson’s Diary:

After being rejected buying The Elephant Man corpse, I knew that I had to find something else. I had put aside the million dollars to buy something unique and amazing, and that was exactly what I planned to do. Besides, who could really say no to Michael Jackson? ……

I went to Super Pets in Orange, California to search for my new prize. It was said that they had absolutely every kind of pet imaginable there. Except good fish, according to a very rude Google Review…. Anyways, I went into the store and was met with something very surprising. Though the usual horde of people had followed me around outside the store, they didn’t seem to follow me into the store. donotgohereforanythingfishrelatedreviewIt was as if this store was some sort of a safe haven for me. So I went in and was welcomed with shelves and cages of nothing but nature and its beautiful embellishments. I was brought into a trance. My mind raced as I looked over each animal. Which ones should I buy? Should I call my contractor to build me more pens? …No! I couldn’t do that. I was here for a very special animal. Something that would wow the world. And looking around at this beautiful haven, I was sure I would find the perfect animal. I spent what felt like hours walking around and looking at the different animals. theuglyowlglie-e1496158949146.pngFinally I came to the back of the store, and could feel the breath leave my body in exhaustion. All this time and I was not met by any creature that took my breath away. In fact, I didn’t mean any people either who tried to help me find that creature. Suddenly I was met with a small door. It was a door the size for chimps. I know the saying is for midgets, but that isn’t very appropriate for a pet store setting, now is it? Anyways, I bent down and crawled through the door. Suddenly, it was as if I had stepped through the wardrobe to Narnia.. All around me was trees. Trees that sang deafening melodies, courtesy of the thousands of birds perched on the branches. I walked around in circles, trying to catch a glimpse of every beautiful creature. Then, out of nowhere, a bird flew down and landed in front of me. It was a hideous creature. Absolutely atrocious. At first glance, a gorgeous owl. At second glance, an adorable corgi. At third glance? A monstrosity. A monstrosity that I immediately picked up and knew I had to have. It would be my Owlglie. My Ugly Owlglie.


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